Why Go?    Cuz ya wanna be there!

OK, serious... The purpose of the Bravo:GO system is to make life easier. Think of it as a launch pad to frequently needed info. It is far superior to verbally giving long URLs.

Our humble web presence began in 1996, with a single site on AOL. A decade later, our online enterprise spans across continents, with 21 of our own active sites, on multiple servers, with custom programs, and most importantly―over 2000 pages of original documents, plus tens of thousands of pages of compiled materials, and countless number of download items. A road map is needed to navigate through the vast resources of our online landscape.

The Go system eliminates the all-too-common:

  • "Which one is the backslash again?"
  • "Really? No space between bravo and tech?"
  • "slash bee pee or slash pee bee?"

In the near future, there'll be a Go Code box. You can enter a 4-digit code issued to you and be transported to 1 of 10,000 documents you need. Advanced users can even enter into the browser and get there in 1 step!  That custom software is currently under development.

May common sense always prevail. May it be more common.     -SCC