Internet Explorer Keyboard/Mouse Shortcuts by Sam C. Chan


Full Screen Mode on/off F11
Cycle through the Address Bar, Refresh button, Search Box, and items on a web page TAB
Find word/phrase on a page Ctrl+F
Open current page in new window Ctrl+N
Print page Ctrl+P
Select all items on the page Ctrl+A
Zoom in Ctrl+PLUS
Zoom out Ctrl+MINUS
Zoom to 100% Ctrl+0 (ZERO)



Go to home page ALT+HOME
Go backward ALT+LEFT
Go forward ALT+RIGHT
Refresh page F5
Forced Refresh page & cache Ctrl+F5
Stop downloading page ESC



Open Favorites Ctrl+I
Open Favorites in pinned mode Ctrl+Shift+I
Organize Favorites Ctrl+B
Add current page to Favorites Ctrl+D
Open Feeds Ctrl+J
Open Feeds in pinned mode Ctrl+Shift+J
Open History Ctrl+H
Open History in pinned mode Ctrl+Shift+H


Open link in new background tab Middle mouse button or Ctrl+left mouse button
Open link in new foreground tab Ctrl+Shift+left mouse button or Ctrl+Shift+middle mouse button
Close tab (closes window if only one tab is open) Middle mouse button on the tab or Ctrl+W
Open Quick Tab view Ctrl+Q
Open new tab Ctrl+T
View list of open tabs Ctrl+Shift+Q
Switch to next tab Ctrl+TAB
Switch to previous tab Ctrl+Shift+TAB


Address Bar shortcuts

Select the Address Bar ALT+D
Add "http://www." prefix and ".com" suffix Ctrl+
Add "http://www." Prefix Ctrl+Shift
Open URL in new tab ALT+ENTER
View previously typed addresses F4


Instant Search Box

Select the Instant Search Box Ctrl+E
View list of search providers Ctrl+DOWN
Open search results in new tab ALT+ENTER
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