Lexmark: Reset to Factory Default by Sam C. Chan

This is an official Bravo Checklist. It is based on a much simplified and streamlined version of information provided by manufacturer, and has been field-tested by us.

Factory Default Reset Procedure: (to be performed by authorized DIFA only)
  1. Printer in "Ready" mode.
  2. Press Menu> to enter the menus.
  3. Keep pressing Menu> until you see Utilities Menu or Test Menu.
  4. Press Select* to view the list of menu items.
  5. Keep pressing Menu> until you see Factory Defaults on second line.
  6. Press Select. "=Restore" should be displayed on the second line.
  7. If not, press Menu> until "=Restore" is displayed.
  8. Press Select to restore the factory defaults.
  9. Reset complete.


  • Restoring the factory defaults clears all your custom settings, including network settings. Reprogramming is required.
  • On Optra S and Optra K series, factory default settings can be found under Tests Menu. For all others, it is under Utilities Menu.
  • K series: Instead of Menu> and Select, they're labeled Menu - and Menu +.

Models Applicable: Lexmark Optra K1220, M410, M412, S2450, S1250, S1650, S2455, S1255, S1855, S2420, S1620, T610, T612, T614, T616, T520, T522, T620, T622, T630, T632, T634, Se 3455, S1625, W810, W820, W812

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