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Last Updated:
May 1, 2003

by Sam C. Chan


Pro Small Business Standard Student & Teacher Basic
Word 2003 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Excel 2003 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outlook 2003 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Contact Manager Yes Yes      
PowerPoint 2003 Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Access 2003 Yes        
Publisher 2003 Yes Yes      
XML & IRM Yes        
Full $499 $449 $399 $149 n/a
Upgrade $329 $279 $239 n/a n/a
OEM $310 $230 n/a n/a $165
VLP $460 $386 $350 n/a n/a

FrontPage 2003 is now available only as stand-alone product. It was included in Office 2000 Premium edition.
This concise chart was created by Bravo Technology Center based on information from Microsoft.

Chainsaw vs. Butter Knife:
It's neither better nor worse. Just different!
Get the appropriate tool for the job.
An overkill tool just doesn't cut it.

SAM C. CHAN on hype and misconceptions of "best"
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