As a point of clarification, re: "the program will stop working after..." as mentioned by you...

Since Intuit's official communiqué to you is purposely crafted to be misleading, I created my own formal statement re: QB EOL policies. Here, I spell out in my own terms, the actual ramifications of usage beyond EOL (end-of-life status) date.

After May 31, 2017, The Intuit add-ons affected are:
Intuit officially "permits" you to use their software for exactly 2 years and 7 months from its initial release date (not from when you purchase or install). How generous of them!  If for some reasons you couldn't buy it from day 1:  e.g. accounting cycles, OR... you wait 14 months because your workstation hardware/O.S. is too old to meet their new requirements, then you'd have only 17 months until EOL. This is the reason many users ended up upgrading every single "model year."  It is Intuit's way of creating and enforcing obsolescence.

I have many client sites running EOL versions of all different QB editions; stand-alone, or with 3rd-party add-ons/plug-ins; single-/multi-user mode.
Just last week, I setup QB2002 (02 not 12!). All of the O.S.-level compatibility and networking issues can be circumvented, with my work-around schemes already developed and tested.

Sam C. Chan
Bravo Technology Center
March 9, 2017