Quick Ref: Remote Desktop Special Keys by Sam C. Chan
January 30, 2008

While using Remote Desktop (RDP), there's a need to distinguish between the local and remote sessions, when using Windows special keys. This is accomplished via an RDP-equivalent set of special keys, to be used within the remote session. pcAnywhere, in contrast, handles it by prompting you each time the special keys are invoked.

Remote Local Function
Alt+PgUP  Shift+Alt+TAB Switches between programs: right to left.
Alt+PgDN  Alt+TAB Switches between programs: left to right.
Alt+INSERT  n/a Moves though programs in the order they were launched.
Alt+HOME  Win
Displays the Start Menu.
Ctrl+Alt+BREAK  n/a Switches the client between a full screen and an active window.
Alt+Ctrl+END Alt+Ctrl+DEL Windows Security Menu (logoff/shutdown/lock console, change pwd)
Alt+DEL  Alt-SPACE Displays the Windows Control Menu (min/max/close).
Ctrl+Alt+PLUS Alt-PrtScrn Capture entire remote desktop (screen dump)


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