DPAR: Disaster Prevention and Recovery Tools
Product Cost Install
Karen's Replicator 3.2.4 (consumer, download)  Free   $       10
SyncBack V3.2.8 (consumer, download)  Free   $       25
Dantz Retrospect Professional 7.0 (consumer edition)  $          94  $       15
Dantz Retrospect SBS 7.0 (includes Exchange + SQL modules)  $        490  $       25
Norton Ghost 10.0 (consumer edition, shrink-wrap)  $          70  $       10
Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1.1  $          40  $       90
Symantec Livestate Recovery Standard Server 6.0  $        795  $       90
Symantec Livestate Recovery Advanced Server 6.0  $     1,095  $      120
Symantec Livestate Recovery Advanced Server Suite 6.0  $     1,695  $      180
Symantec Livestate Recovery Manager Server 6.0  $        119  $       40
Symantec Livestate Recovery Desktop 6.0  $          67  $       15
Symantec Livestate Recovery Desktop Suite 6.0  $          99  $       20
Symantec Livestate Recovery Manager Desktop 6.0  $          10  $       40
All above listed are for licencing (subject to terms), except where otherwise noted.
Server costs for single server. Desktop costs per station (minimum 10-seat).
Install fee covers installation, activation, configuration & testing for devices, etc. 
At the end of install, product is ready for system administrators to learn and start use.
Excludes customization and backup/recovery jobs creation & maintenance, admin training.
Standard Server to Adv Server, gain:
incremental backup
event driven backup
back to cd/dvd
direct save to drive
consolidation of multiple incremental backups
Advanced Server Suite includes the following components (which can also be purchased individually):
Symantec LiveState Recovery Advanced Server
Symantec LiveState Recovery Restore Anyware Option
Symantec LiveState Recovery LightsOut Restore Option
Symantec LiveState Recovery Manager
Desktop is equivalent to Advanced Server in features
Desktop Suite includes:
Symantec LiveState Recovery Desktop v6.0
Symantec LiveState Recovery Manager - Desktop v6.0
Symantec LiveState Recovery Restore Anyware Option v6.0
NOTE: There is no stand-alone method of purchasing Restore Anyware for Desktops. The only method is to purchase the suite initially or purchase a cross-grade license to the suite after an initial desktop-only purchase
Typical admin tasks associated with DPAR:
Backup/Recovery strategic planning
Backup/Recovery process design & implementation
Backup/Recovery system documentation
Backup/Recovery job creation and maintenance
Backup coverage audit and verification (not to be confused w/ compare)
Mock Disaster Recovery drill
Management of off-site rotation (scheme & operations)
Creation of deployment template images
Validation of Bare-Metal Restore process
Cooridination with "recover to dissimilar hardware" strategy