Bravo Review: File Upload Sites

by  Sam C. Chan

May 25, 2006   see also Addendum at bottom right of this page

Here is a list of major consumer-oriented file upload sites. Check SEE ALSO section at bottom of this page for alternatives and related topics.

Some points to consider:

  • some ban image files
  • all sites block hot-linking (URL pointing to image, instead of .html)
  • performance
  • membership/sign up/fees
  • ads (and spyware)
  • spam, disclosure of your email?
  • consistency, stability, viable
  • password protect/hidden link
  • Management features: resume, delete
NOTICE:   This list is provided for your reference only.  These sites do not meet our business standards for general approval and endorsement.

such consumer-oriented free upload services...

  • are heavily tied to & subsidized by piracy of
    • music, video & commercial software
    • pornography (some illegal)
  • aggressively push advertising (and spyware?) from questionable entities
  • require you to waive your rights & privacy to the content submitted

Site email
File Size Download
Retention Period** Remarks
SendOver   2G Unlimited 7 Days Inactive  
FileFactory   500M Unlimited 15 Days Inactive A
MegaShares   1.5G Unlimited 25 Days Inactive  
SendSpace   1.2G 100G 14 Days Inactive  
YouSendIt Y 2G/100M 25/200 Times 14/7 Days  
TransferBigFiles   1G 20 Times 5 Days  
zUpload   500M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive  
Spred-It   500M Unlimited 14 Days  
mooload   500M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive  
Uploading   500M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive A
Snaggys   500M 999 Times 15 Days Spy
Fupload   500M Unlimited 25 Days  
Bigupload   300M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive  
RapidUpload Y 300M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive  
MegaUpload   250M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive A
UpTimeserver   250M Unlimited Unlimited AA
bonpoo   250M Unlimited 10 Days   250M Unlimited 31 Days AA
Supload   200M 30 Times 7 Days   100M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive  
myShareBox   100M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive  
TheUPload   100M Unlimited 30 Days  
zSHARE N 100M Unlimited 10 Days Inactive  
Store and Serve   100M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive  
BIGfileupload   100M Unlimited Unlimited  
Quickdump N 100M 500M/hour 30 Days Inactive  
Content-Type   100M Unlimited 7 Days Inactive  
Easy-Sharing   75M Unlimited 30 Days  
SaveFile   60M Unlimited 14 Days Inactive  
FileHD   60M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive  
RapidSharing   200M Unlimited 14 Days Inactive  
UploadSend   50M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive  
Momoshare   50M Unlimited 15 Days Inactive  
SceneUpload   50M 1000 Times 50 Days A
GetFile   50M Unlimited 14 Days  
YourFile   50M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive  
BigFilez   50M Unlimited 14 Days Inactive  
MyTempDir   40M Unlimited 21 Days  
Send File   1G/5M 10 Times 10 Days good UK
FileBuffer   40M Unlimited 7 Days Inactive P
UltraShare   250M Unlimited 30 Days Inactive  
UploadTemple   30M Unlimited 21 Days  
SendMeFile   30M Unlimited 14 Days  
Upload2   25M Unlimited 1 Year  

* Must provide recipient email address to site (instead of sending recipient the link yourself). Potential concern if site uses the address for SPAM in the future.

** x days inactive means files are retained indefinitely until there is inactivity for x days.

Marketing, Pop-ups and other deceptions: A aggressive. AA very aggressive. Spy: Spyware

Updated: March 30, 2011

Problematic/Deceptive/Aggressive Sites:



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