Bravo Reference: XP Pro/Home vs. W2K

by  Sam C. Chan


December 1, 2001

This comparison takes an IT-centric view and focuses on only network-, security- and management-related features. It should not be considered a comprehensive comparison between XP and 2000, as there are numerous important features such as Clear Type, and other usability and user-experience improvements that are not covered.

Note: It is important that business users always obtain XP Professional edition (instead of Home edition, as often provided by system retailers), in order to be able to join a domain and perform many other essential network functions efficiently and effectively. From the IT perspective, even Windows 2000 is more suitable than XP Home.

Networking Features

Windows XP Professional

Windows 2000 Professional

Windows XP Home Edition

Joining a Domain X X  
Full ACL (Disable Simple File Sharing) X X  
Wireless Networking Support (including WPA) X X  
Encrypting File System (EFS) with multi-user support X X  
Microsoft Management Console (MMC) X X  
Remote Desktop Host X    
Remote Desktop Client X Free Download X
Remote Assistance X   X
Telnet Server X X  
Enhanced Device Driver Verifier X X  
IP Security (IPSec) X X  
Scalable Memory and Processor X X  
Kerberos Support X X  
Smart Card Support X X  
Offline Files and Folders X X  
Synchronization Manager X X  
Improved Power Management X X  
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) X X X
Network Location Awareness X    
System Restore X   X
Recovery Console X X  
Network Setup Wizard X    
Network Bridge X   X
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) X X X
User State Migration Tool X X  
IEAK 6.0 Administration Kit X X  
Setup Manager Tool X X  
Remote OS Installation X X  
Group Policy X X  
Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) X    
Fast User Switching workgroup-only   X

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