From the desk of: Sam C. Chan

Advisory: 2007 Daylight Saving Time Change

October 29, 2007

Congress passed a law to defer return to standard time by 1 week, starting 2007. Yesterday would have been the normal time "Fall Back" occurred. Un-patched systems would have wrongly switched over your time zone status, causing confusions.

Purpose of this advisory:

To alert you to recognize the symptoms, thereby avoiding waste of time in needless troubleshooting, and proceed directly to simple remedies.


  • You noticed your computer clock is 1 hour behind.
  • Your logon to Domain controller was rejected.
  • You received unexpected errors in backup/synchronization log.
  • Alarms/Reminders are not working properly
  • All-Day Events (including holidays & birthdays) in Outlook are spanning 2 days.
  • You apparently replied to an email half an hour before it was sent to you!
  • Other mismatches between workstation & server, or among workstations.


  • Memo to all staff: check workstation clock today, and again next Monday.
  • Memo to DIFA: check server clock.
  • Apply KB933360 (the latest 8/1/07 edition, superseding KB931836)
    • There are 6 different versions for Vista/2003/XP in x86/x64
    • I have cached the files on BDL, in case you run into WGA glitches.
  • DO NOT manually adjust clock to compensate! Doing so would only compound the problem.
  • Beware of others who might be operating on incorrect time.
  • Review and reconfirm all appointments during this 1-week period.



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