From the desk of: Sam C. Chan

Advisory: SAV 10 Upgrade Woes

June 6, 2005

(UPDATE: This issue has since been addressed and mostly resolved. Around September of 2005, we resumed full scale deployment of SAV 10 to all sites entitling. The only remaining issue is the inappropriate flagging of radmin and the associated "inadvertent" disobeying of exception rules. Symantec is officially saying "we're still working on it...")

Recently, SAV 10 was released. Our internal testing revealed several significant issues. Among them:

  • excessive CPU utilization rate upon boot, due to mandatory Quick-Scan.
  • Radmin (a competing product to PCA) is being flagged as spyware and deleted
  • Inconsistent and illogical admin control for by-passing those 2 unreasonable behaviors.
  • many other minor glitches.

Conferring with my peers around the world confirms this is a wide-spread issue and has caused major uproar among loyal SAV veterans.

Symantec is working on upgrade revisions, as well as registry patches to accommodate those electing to by-pass start-up quick-scan.

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