Impending High-Winds Alert by Sam C. Chan
FEB 22, 2019 @3:45pm

ATTN: Ops Mgr   Batten Down!

I, as your official* outsourced CTO/CIO and de facto Co-COO (shared with owner / designated manager), from time to time**, issue advisories outside of my core IT duties... namely: industrial/weather/regulatory events.

My meteorological monitoring indicates impending weather condition which could adversely affect your IT operations. You're hereby advised to take appropriate actions to prevent losses. Warning period: Starting Sunday morning, with Sunday night being extremely problematic, and likely continue throughout Monday before tapering off.

In preparation, I urge you to review our established policies & procedure for such situations, inquire/reaffirm/clarify as needed, and execute plan.  OPTIONS:

  1. schedule guided shutdown & resume
  2. schedule guided shutdown only
  3. conduct refresher session, then execute independently
  4. internally roll out our pre-existing plans
  5. request "standby" arrangements
  6. take no action beyond acknowledgment
NOTE: The bulk of complications & risks are at shutdown stage--very counter-intuitive, subtle, and 100% unforgiving. Resume stage is relatively simple, flexible, and intuitive... BUT... will not be able to undo damage/corruption induced during improper shutdown (initiated/crashed).

* This is sent to all tier 1 (retainer), tier 2 (explicit agreement), and select tier 3 ("official" sites as in "all-but-name"), but not tier 4 (ad hoc)

** only happened 4 times for anticipated weather conditions: 1991, 2008, 2012, 2017 (I missed the 2018 one)
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