From the desk of: Sam C. Chan

February 12, 2012
Last Updated: May 17, 2012

Bravo Custom AIM Installation

This document is based on AIM 7.5.x, and assumes you're using Vista/Window 7 x64. If you're using x86, you must make minor adjustments accordingly: omit the " (x86)" part in program name. Instructions for XP are drastically different.

This is a drastically simplified install procedure since 7.x eliminated a lot of the objectionable items, and is now closer to "IT-compliant." We no longer employ the separate AAH program to disable ads and features.

Download and Install:

  • sign up for account
  • download AIM7.5.12.6.exe
  • double-click it to install
  • uncheck all 3x items under "Additional options" then click Install
  • Chat Now

Initial (1-time) Setup:

  • click AIM button (not Facebook button)
  • enter user name and password, click Sign In
  • Welcome: Skip (bottom right)
  • Find Buddies: Skip
  • Finished: Close

Customize App Settings:

  • Options | Settings (F7)
  • Sign In / Sign Out
    • (*)None (disable Welcome Page)
    • [ ]Automatically download... (disable auto upgrade)
    • Apply
  • Sounds (optional, can customize later)
  • Save
  • at buddy list window: right-click Lifestream
    • Hide Lifestream tab
    • Hide Tab

Firewall (choose according to your firewall):

  • SEP 12.x
    • must login to Windows as administrator class user (cannot elevate on-the-fly)
    • Launch SEP (double-click tray icon, answer Yes to UAC prompt)
    • Network Threat Protection: click Options
    • Configure Firewall Rules
    • Add...   Important: must complete ALL tabs before clicking OK!
      • General: Rule name: Block AIM HTTP
      • Ports and Protocols:
        • Protocol: TCP
        • Remote Ports: HTTP (80)
        • Traffic direction: Outgoing
      • Applications: Browse
        • C:\Program Files (x86)\AIM\aim.exe
      • OK
      • OK
  • Windows Firewall
    • START: wf.msc Shift-Ctrl-Enter
    • elevate via UAC as needed, by simply confirming, or authenticating
    • Outbound Rules
    • New Rules...
      • (*)Program
      • Next
      • This program path: C:\Program Files (x86)\AIM\aim.exe
      • Next
      • (*)Block the connection
      • Next
      • Next (leaving all 3x boxes checked)
      • Name: Block AIM HTTP
      • Finish

Quick Tutorial

Essential Tasks:

  1. add buddy - click [+Buddy], enter exact Screen name
  2. send IM - double-click on buddy name and enter message
  3. send picture/file - drag picture/file into message window, click Send
  4. send URL - copy/paste URL into message window, hit space... click link to test, then send
  5. print conversation - Ctrl-P (hidden command)    Thanks, Deb... for the tip!

Advanced Tasks:

  • when waiting for a message, click away from the active window, in order to hear the notify sound (if enabled), or see the blinking alert.
  • manage log - F7, IM Logs (adjust according to your preferences)



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