From the desk of: Sam C. Chan

Bravo FlexiLAB
for IT Consultants & Resellers

June 23, 2008

This is a formal debut with administrative moniker, of an on-going service offering.


What is it?

  • via a remote session, you can watch and participate in a custom live lab session
  • will have at your disposal
    • multiple servers and workstations pre-setup, and
    • software packages and licenses, plus
    • all the required network apparatus
    • optional: live internet connection to test network is available, and
    • limited connection to live production network of Bravotech
  • experiment w/ the scenario you're about to embark on, contemplate variations on sequence, strategies, etc.
  • it's like doing the project (supervised practice run) before actually doing the project (at client site)

Typical Examples:

  • TCP/IP: subnet, DNS, NAT, routing
  • Workgroup-to-Domain Orderly Migration
  • SAV Server Deployment
  • various advanced and complex QuickBooks scenarios
  • Advanced System Imaging (Ghost, LiveState, Solution Suite, SID, WIM)
  • Exchange Server topics
  • VPN Deployment & Evaluation
  • ACL Management Strategies & Techniques

Why & When you need it?

  • you committed to an impending advanced project, but
  • don't have the various servers, software and network apparatus to play with
  • there isn't sufficient time to research, study and practice on your own
  • seat-of-the-pants discovery w/ client's production system = zero chance of success
    • avoid embarrassment of being stuck, and wasting time needlessly, and
    • risk of irreversible catastrophic harms to client site, due to missing prep steps
  • you wish to independently carry out the project at client site
    • instead of a joint (guided) session (in-person, or live remote support)
    • essentially splitting the guided session with you actual live session

Specific Values and Benefits (vs. unstructured consultation, or training presentation)

  • flexibility to seamlessly switch between demo mode and live lab mode:
    • I can breeze thru and take over all steps, or
    • you can jump in at various points, or
    • I can be a supervisory observer, issuing guidance/warnings as warranted, even
    • extend lab period for unsupervised practice/exploration
  • the lab is live, not static presentation:
    • actual result of decisions and actions can be reviewed
    • sight and sound of actual process boost comprehension and retention
    • can deviate however you want, to explore what-if scenarios, or
    • drill down for in-depth coverage on sub-topics of particular interest
  • canned labs/demos represent better value than unstructured live consultation:
    • streamlined and concentrated content
    • previous dressed rehearsal (by me) eliminated potential wrinkles
  • no traveling, no hauling of equipment, no setup time
  • flexible scheduling, including pajama hours
  • can suspend & resume session as we see fit:
    • for attention span considerations
    • to skip-over boring wait periods, or
    • accommodate interruptions from your other urgent client calls
    • for nourishment, bathroom & exercise breaks
    • for me to conduct additional research or prepare equipment
      • if we run into unanticipated situations (equipment malfunction, etc), or
      • you pose unanticipated questions/requests or variation scenarios
      • you decide to expand the scope of project after what's learnt thus far
  • you can focus on subject at hand, not logistical details of practice equipment
  • minimal lead time: setup time as little as 1-hour (depending on complexity of the particular lab, and availability of resources)

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