From the desk of: Sam C. Chan

Ghost Restore Checklist

September 15, 2007

Ghost restore of the operating system partition is by definition a "destructive process" as it replaces the current o.s., applications, settings, logs, etc. with what was preserved in a time capsule.

Before proceeding w/ Restoration, preserve these critical items:

  • event viewer logs
  • backup logs
  • firewall rules & settings
  • Outlook/Exchange cache OSTs
  • Outlook PSTs
  • new email accounts
  • Windows address book (Outlook Express contacts)
  • stray data files (mistakenly saved to C drive)
  • desktop items
  • Internet Explorer favorites
  • newly downloaded software install files & product keys/licenses

In addition, be prepared to look up from records and re-enter the following:

  • cached network passwords
  • Internet site passwords (auto-complete)
  • cached Wireless Access Point keys

Finally, if you're relying on Windows based ghost program to trigger the restore, consider proactively preparing a DOS-based emergency boot/recovery disc as a fall-back option. Once the Windows-based process is initiated and failed, you wouldn't have the ability to create such a disc at that point, unless you have access to another system!

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