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Intuit ID / Account

July 12, 2020   (See also multiple addenda at the end. Scroll down.)

Your organization's in-house policies override my IT memo. Absent such explicit polices, or direct management directives to the contrary, Bravo default polices apply.

IMPORTANT: QB company file user password & owner password are considered confidential, and should never be conveyed to IT dept... EXCEPT under emergency circustances, with explicit approval from your management. Per Bravo Protocol: minimum mandatory isolation between operations & technical dept.

During deployment of QBES 20, you disclosed Intuit ID to me.  As stated:
  • purely a marketing and tracking mechanism, unrelated to technical things, nor legal entitlements
  • it's also a prong of the license enforcement (anti-piracy, reusing of license#)
    • upon detecting "suspicious" pairing of ID with certain licenses...
    • Intuit may disable a product, prompting you to call & beg, prove you're rightful owner of such product, after
    • being subject to a round of talking you into upgrades and add-ons
  • does not entitle the bear of account/ID to any products/services/data
    • all require license# + product code, plus 
    • active renewal status (monthly/annual payment), if applicable, and
    • works ONLY at the specific workstation, upon successful activation
    • access to data requires QB-user account per company file
  • Intuit started this program back around 2010 if I remember right, and
    • touting "to better serve you... enhancing your experience..."
    • in 2017 sent formal notices to QuickBooks customers: it is now mandatory
      • however it remained largely optional, bypass-able when prompted
    • late 2020, Intuit started enforcing pairing of Intuit ID with various situations, e.g. during product activation
    • in the future, it might become more pervasive, e.g. initial opening of company file, or even per QB-user account (within any given company file)
    • IN SUMMARY: the 2 goals of corporations
      • to perpetuate recurring monthly revenue, sell all things as service
      • to mine comprehensive fine-granular data: habit, relationships, moment-by-moment mood/situation/needs
  • anyone (customer or not) can go to sign in page & create a new account
    • it is best for each branch office to maintain its own ID for copies of products in-use, 
      • to facilitate the periodical need to verify (via SMS/email), or
      • autonomy to request password reset, or
      • update contact details, etc. THUS
      • avoiding dependence & incessant contact to HQ for trivial matters
    • it is IMPROPER for out-sourced IT dept. to manage on behalf of clients
      • unless there is sufficient level of jurisdiction established, with
      • all ramifications understood, accepted, and
      • pitfalls, logistical challenges thoroughly considered, resolved

: Disclosing the license#, HOWEVER, could potentially lead to someone "stealing" the product, or at least cause a tug-o-war. They are able to install, using lic#, and supply their own random Intuit ID to activate. If activation is rejected, they can call and tell a plausible story, get an override and become activated. Eventually, that'd cause your copy to be deemed pirated and disabled. Presumably, you'll be vindicated after jumping thru hoops, locating the original receipt, cc#, purchase date, etc.

ADDENDUM JUL 17 I have witnessed a client having trouble receiving Intuit's email verification upon first use of Intuit ID with a company file. Tech details: Mail client on iOS 13. Symptom: message hangs beyond the first sentence announcing it's a verification code... then error: Downloading... (stuck at 12%)

ADDENDUM JUL 19 I personally encounter the same when I tried to use my own Intuit ID. Details: same symptom with Windows 10 1903 Mail client; also experimented further and observed failure with Android 4.x mail client. Success with Outlook 2010 & 2019, and with Android 8 mail client, and K9,

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