INFOCon Definition

Everything is normal. No significant new threat known.
We are currently tracking a significant new threat. The impact is either unknown or expected to be minor to the infrastructure. However, local impact could be significant. Users are adviced to take immediate specific action to contain the impact. Example: 'MSBlaster' worm outbreak.
A major disruption in connectivity is imminent or in progress. Examples: Code Red on its return, and SQL Slammer worm during its first half day
Loss of connectivity across a large part of the internet.

(Partial) INFOCon History

This table summarizes past infocon changes. Not every single event is covered. (Eg. Code Red was our first event that caused us to go to 'Yellow' and later briefly to 'Orange')

Date Status Reason
Nov 21-22 2005 Yellow Window() MSIE 0-day
Oct 19-20 2005 Yellow Snort Exploit
Aug 12-18 2005 Yellow PnP Bot/Worm (Zotob)
May 1-4 2004 Yellow Sasser Worm
Mar 20-22 2004 Yellow Witty Worm
Sep 10-12 2003 Yellow RPC exploit
Aug 11-15 2003 Yellow MSFT Blaster
Mar 17-20 2003 Yellow IIS WebDav Exploit
Jan 25-28 2003 Yellow SQL Slammer
Sep 19 2002 Yellow Slapper Worm