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Live Internet Threats and Traffic Status

SANS Infocon: Internet Storm Center - Current Status
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Notable Advisories & Updates

MS14-080 Cum Sec Upd for IE (3008923)
  IE11-7sp1x64 IE11-8.1x64
req. 2919355 IE9-7sp1x64

MSSB 2014 Listing * Bulletin Monthly Summary

Latest Microsoft Security Advisories
Recent Critical & Pretinent:
Adobe Flash AX
MS14-066 Schannel server vulnerability (2992611)
MS14-072 dotnet Framework vulnerability (3005210)
Symantec Bulletins: PDF Warning, Regin
BadUSB vulnerability | Android Fake ID security hole |
XP SP3 Exception post-EOL KB2964358
D-Link Routers Vulnerability
Oct 2013
MS12-036 (685939) Remote Desktop Could Allow Remote Code Execution. Replaces MS12-020 Jun 2012
MS12-020 Critical: Remote Desktop Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2671387) Mar 2012

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    SANS Top 20 Vulnerabilities
    Operating Systems
    W1. Internet Explorer
    W2. Windows Libraries
    W3. Microsoft Office
    W4. Windows Services
    W5. Windows Configuration Weaknesses
    M1. Mac OS X
    U1. UNIX Configuration Weaknesses
    Cross-Platform Applications
    C1 Web Applications
    C2. Database Software
    C3. P2P File Sharing Applications
    C4 Instant Messaging
    C5. Media Players
    C6. DNS Servers
    C7. Backup Software
    C8. Security, Enterprise, and Directory Management Servers
    Network Devices
    N1. VoIP Servers and Phones
    N2. Network and Other Devices Common Configuration Weaknesses
    Security Policy and Personnel
    H1. Excessive User Rights and Unauthorized Devices
    H2. Users (Phishing/Spear Phishing)
    Special Section
    Z1. Zero Day Attacks and Prevention Strategies

    Symantec List of Detections (formerly known as "strains")
    Jan 5, 2015 30.9M detections
    Jan 2, 2013 21.7M detections
    Apr 1, 2012 17M
    2002 approx. 65K
    Source: Symantec Rapid Rel.


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