Bravo BusinessWorks: 4-CD, over 25 titles   $50

Lotus SmartSuite Millennium Edition v. 9.7
The award-winning office suite with power, value and millennium-ready technology. Includes 1-2-3, the world's best spreadsheet; WordPro, word processing with Word­ and WordPerfect­ file compatibility; Approach, a high-powered database program; Freelance, powerful presentation graphics package; Organizer, looks and works like a manual day planner; ScreenCam, turn your PC into a VCR that records screen activity; FastSite, allows even non-technical users to publish SmartSuite and Microsoft­ Office documents to web formats; and SmartCenter, one-click access to news, stock quotes, reservations and more.
A multi-platform office suite that includes key productivity applications and works with a variety of file formats, including those of Microsoft Office.
Peachtree First Accounting­ 2003
Ideal for small businesses seeking an automated software solution from a manual or personal finance system. Includes fast start-up, easy invoicing, convenient check writing, inventory tracking, payroll management, plus over 50 customizable reports and quick access to valuable information found on the Internet!
McAfee VirusScan 7.0
Stop viruses from attacking your PC with the #1 antivirus detection and removal program. Remove all types of known and unknown viruses from any source, including e-mail attachments, Internet downloads, shared disks, CD-ROMs and more. Firewall protection blocks hackers from gaining access to your PC. Includes one year of FREE updates.
Quicken 2003 New User Edition
Start organizing your finances with this best-seller. Quicken works just like your checkbook, so it's easy to get started. Balance your checkbook and pay bills easily. Bank online conveniently. Track where your money goes with revealing reports, graphs, and more.
LapLink Gold 11
The standard for PC-to-PC connectivity. Whether you're a mobile professional or working from home you'll have quick access to all network resources and any files stored on your office desktop. Includes enhanced Internet functionality; ultra-fast, always safe file transfers; security levels you control and compatibility with any Windows PC.
ExpensAble 5
Create expense reports in half the time with this powerful tool! Save time and money using ExpensAble¤the easiest and fastest way to create, submit and track business expenses.
Easy Translator v. 4
Be more productive in any language! This award-winner translates text, e-mail and web pages in 9 different language directions in Spanish, French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese.
Form Tool v. 5
Take the effort out of creating and using electronic forms with drag-and-drop design tools, database support and sequential e-mail routing. Allows users to fill-in data and return for importation into its relational database.
Smart Business Plan Deluxe
Create customized business and marketing plans. Get the capital you need by answering questions to describe your business, set goals and create your plan. Ideal for start-ups and existing businesses.
Quicken Lawyer 2003 Business Deluxe
Everything you need to start and run a business and save money on legal fees. Includes 130+ contracts, letters, checklists, 60+ forms and 6 complete best-selling business books.
Quicken Lawyer 2003 Personal
Combines WillMaker and Living Trust Maker with other tools to help protect your family and your assets, and save on legal fees, too! Includes over 30,000 documents you can use every day.
INFOtrac Personal 2003
A Contact Management tool with a centralized information management system to keep track of contacts, phone calls, appointments and to-do lists. A must for sales professionals and business owners.
Turbo Project 4
Manage complex projects and communicate scheduling changes to colleagues and customers. Keep your team on track, and on budget, with this award- winning project management software.
WinWay Resume Express
Create a winning resume and a persuasive cover letter in record time from thousands of job-winning templates, phrases and letters.
Ability Photopaint Studio
Get straight to work on your digital images with this powerful editing tool with Adobe­ Photoshop­ familiarity.
Personal RecordKeeper 5
Organize estate documents, family history, insurance policies or credit cards all in one place safely and securely.
Financial PowerTools
Analyze mortgage, loan, bond, savings and ROI calculations. Also includes a powerful retirement planner and vehicle lease vs. buy analyzer.
iClean For Windows
Protect your privacy and cover your computer tracks, surf the web anonymously, remove pop-up windows and more.
StuffIt Standard 7.5
A full-featured compression program. Create and expand archives in StuffIt format up to 20% smaller than zip.
Mark-up any web page with your own personalized comments and send via email just like it was paper. The ultimate sales and marketing editing tool.
Capture one web page, an entire site, catalogs or image libraries with just a few clicks. Schedule captures to download while you're out and more.
Grab text, images, animations, and entire pages from Web sites with ease and keep it organized with just a few simple clicks.
DisKeeper Lite
Minimize disc fragmentation and improve performance.
Eudora Pro E-mail
Create rich, meaningful messages that are as personalized and unique as you are with the world's most powerful and easy-to-use E-mail software.
MusicMatch Jukebox 7.1
The only all-in-one jukebox that delivers a personalized, interactive music experience. Find, record, manage and play the music you want.