BASIC spoofing mitigation deployment levels NOV 2021 upd aug 22, 2022
  1. SPF $75 (incl. demo* upon completion)
  2. SPF + DMARC $180 2.0 hr (incl. demo* upon completion)
  3. DKIM $225 (2.5 hr nom.)
  4. DKIM + DMARC $270 (3.0 hr nom.)
  5. SPF + DKIM + DMARC $315 (3.5 hr nom.)
  6. SPF + DKIM + DMARC + reporting & monitoring & maintenance $500 ~ $5000

NOTE: Prices assume that we're acting as your domain registration agent, have [momentary] unfettered access to NS pointing + DNS records (editing), are familiar with your control panel, etc. Any exception encountered, COULD trigger additional fees, at standard consultation rate, to cover the investigation & logistical guidance. Where email is hosted is irrelevant.

Before any of these deployment (1 to 6), there is also mandatory level 0 (zero), consultation, pre-screening, defining, etc. Sometimes, the project terminates after consultation session, because... that's the most optimal choice.

NOTE: Many organizations would incorporate commercial grade private hosted SMTP service. Changing 1 thing, might trigger another few obligatory changes.

* demo that it's compliant with project specs, not live tutorial (extra), EXCL on-going review, advice, monitoring, maintenance, reaction (to situations), etc.

OR suspended, pending completion of other newly triggered projects + additional meetings, but implementation deferred

What Is It?
  1. implement things, publish things at your domain, so recipients can reject
  2. comply with recipient company requirements, so you're not rejected by their policy
  3. defensive settings for non-sending domains you own
by definition, any meaningful implementation of DMARC will be phased (4~6)


DEMO & Limitations