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Enabling JavaScript

Internet Explorer users:

  • From IE, click Tools menu
  • select Internet Options
  • click Security tab
  • click Custom level... button
  • scroll down (quite far) to Scripting section
  • locate the Active Scripting setting
  • click Enable
  • click OK
  • click OK again

IE also has a very sophisticated built-in zone-based selective enabling/disabling of active script, which allows you to customize your exact security level, for each zone. You can in turn assign individual sites to a particular zone.

Firefox Users:

  • From Firefox
  • click Tools menu
  • select Options...
  • at the top graphic tool bar
  • click Content (with a globe icon)
  • at the top section
  • check the Enable JavaScript checkbox

Firefox doesn't have the fine granularity of administering active script built-in. There are probably 3rd party products that will provide that feature. Generally, it's a all-or-nothing situation, enabled/disabled for ALL sites.

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