Bravo Checklist: Connecting Workstations

by  Sam C. Chan

Published: April 20, 2006
Addendum 1 (audio color code): July 1, 2009
Addendum 2 (server room): Dec 13, 2018

This is a checklist for end-user or DIFA when connecting a workstation to the network, after it returns from being serviced, or is newly purchased.

  1. Power cord (NEMA 5-15-P ↔ IEC 320 C14)
  2. Keyboard (PS/2 or USB)
  3. Mouse (PS/2 or USB)
  4. Monitor(s) (VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP)
  5. Network cable (RJ-45)


  1. Speakers & Microphone
  2. Printers
  3. Scanners


Detailed notes and tips:
  • All USB ports are interchangeable
  • PS/2 plugs have very delicate pins. Rotate gently to feel for the correct orientation before pushing in. Don't force it! Color codes: Keyboard (Purple), Mouse (Green).
  • If your video card provides an DVI connector, use it, instead of the old analog VGA connector, to avoid "pixel swimming" distortion.
  • VGA Monitor plugs are D-shape and "keyed," but it's still possible to reverse if you force it. Exercise caution. Feel & push gently. Do not force it!
  • When plugging in network cable, be sure the plastic latch snapped with a click, so that it's securely locked in.
  • Speakers go into the Green jack. Microphone goes into Pink jack.

USB Connectors: A/B, Mini, Micro, Proprietary

1 2 USB-A 3 USB-B
4 RJ-45 5 6 USB-B  
7 8 9
10 PS/2 11 12
13   IEC 320 C14 14 parallel port

Ports found at the back of a typical workstation:

Addendum 1
July 1, 2009

Color-coding scheme for connectors and ports as defined by PC99 Specs

Mouse and keyboard
  Green PS/2 mouse / pointing device 6-pin mini-DIN
  Purple PS/2 keyboard 6 pin mini-DIN
I/O ports
  Black USB port USB Type A
  Grey FireWire / IEEE 1394 6 pin FireWire 400
  Burgundy Parallel port 25 pin D-sub
  Teal Serial port 9 pin D-sub
Video card
  Blue Analog monitor 15-pin VGA
  White Digital monitor DVI
  Yellow S-Video 4 pin mini-DIN
  Yellow Composite video RCA jack
Sound card
  Pink MIC Analog microphone audio input (mono or stereo). 3.5 mm TRS
  Light blue L-IN Analog line level audio input. 3.5 mm TRS
  Lime green L-OUT Analog line level audio output for the main stereo signal
(front speakers or headphones).
3.5 mm TRS
  Brown Analog line level audio output for 'Right-to-left speaker'. 3.5 mm TRS
  Orange center / subwoofer 3.5 mm TRS
  Gold Game port / MIDI 15 pin D-sub

Addendum 2:
Dec 13, 2018


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