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Frontier SMTP Authentication Requirements

May 19, 2006   (See also Frontier Notice below)

I'm forwarding (in BCC, of course! I follow my own preaching) this official announcement from Frontier. This is the 2nd notice Frontier sent out this morning. The first was sent 2 days ago.

Frontier will soon require authentication on their consumer SMTP server. This comes as a follow-on step to their Dec 2002 ban on port 25. Those using their business class services such as SDSL, T1, etc. are not affected. Webmail, of course, by nature is also unaffected.

Why are you getting this notice from me?

  • According to my records, you're on Frontier consumer class internet service (affected by this up-coming change) for your business location, and
  • I have not yet received any inquiries from you regarding this issue. Therefore, I assume that you are unaware of the situation.

Most people fail to maintain routine monitoring (as required) of the primary account email with their ISP. That's the only mode of communication you'll receive from them.

Please be advised that the deadline is May 23, and it will affect all systems at your business location, including all workstations and Exchange server SMTP relay. Out-bound email will abruptly cease to work unless appropriate changes are implemented.

You will need to locate the primary account login name, and password. They were provided in the welcome letter when you first signed up with Frontier. If you have lost your records, you must contact Frontier and request an administrative reset.

p.s. Out of the 54 primary client sites, 17 are on Frontier consumer class line. Only 1 out of those 17 have contacted me so far after the first Frontier notice.


From: []
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 10:59 AM
Subject: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT for FrontierNet customers
Importance: High

Dear Valued Customer,

In the interest of protecting our FrontierNet customers, as well as securing the integrity of our FrontierNet network, on Tuesday, May 23rd we will be requiring all customers to identify themselves when sending mail through our outgoing mail servers.

To find out if this change will impact you, or any of the computer users in your home or business, please visit us at

If you're unable to send mail on or after Tuesday, May 23rd please click the link above.


The FrontierNet Support Team


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