From the desk of: Sam C. Chan

Memo on Memos

January 4, 2006

Today, following recent success of the Bravo:GO system, I introduce Bravo:MEMOS.

As you know, memos are nothing new at Bravo. This online central repository is.

In the last 15 years of my 25-year practice, I've been known to respond to written inquires with well-researched, well-structured & articulated, and occasionally, even well-polished articles. I also had been sending well thought-out open-letters to clients and vendors alike from time to time. All future semi-public communiqués will be published here for ease-of-access and non-intrusive delivery.

I was never one to send routine mass email out of self-importance. Philosophically, I'm against inundating mildly interested parties with incessant streams of mildly relevant correspondence. Such practice amounts to imposition under the guise of "well intentions." Virtually all of my past memos were sent to very selected individuals.

My roles & relationships with all of you vary greatly―from CTO/CIO partner on retainers, to contracted advisor, to ad hoc project consultant, to after-the-fact "big gun fixer-upper" for DIYers.  Many of you are consultants yourselves, relying on me for back-end support, briefings and strategic guidance. My jurisdiction and duties vary accordingly.

Naturally, the "small guy" clients were always deprived of the CTO-class responses. This affords them a way to "eavesdrop" on those responses, if and when they so desire.

A few of our internal memos will be "de-classified," and published for clients' benefit. Non-confidential memos to specific clients could also be censored, adapted and serve as case studies. All significant postings are mentioned in:

Benefits of online repository of memos:

  • Spoof-proof. Authenticity assured, unlike email.
  • Addenda are well-maintained, thanks to my editorial efforts.
  • Currency: Product Support Level (PSL) memo is a perfect example.
  • Revisions & additions done without you incurring any efforts or distractions.
  • Live cross-references ("see also...") can be added as events develop.
  • During our conference, I can refer to past memos.
  • Serve as filing system for those of you that are disorganized (vast majority).
  • You can show them to your vendors during tech support calls.
  • Leveraging past efforts. Avoid re-inventing the wheel.
  • Providing more cost-effective services.
  • Further improving transparency and accountability, per Bravo ACE Principles.


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