Checklist: Revive Internet Connection

by  Sam C. Chan

First Published: Nov 5, 2018
see related 2005 memo

SITUATION: Access to local file server is fine, indicating general network infrastructure is sound: switches/hubs, repeaters, PoE injection, site cables, wall plates, patch panels, patch cords, AC power at closet. ONLY Internet is down, for all stations.

This is a bird's eye view of the process. You might have been given a more detailed checklist, with specifics applicable to your unique equipment and network complexity. The purpose of this exercise is to:
  1. see if you can revive Internet connection, and if not...
  2. assess whether the fault lies with ISP, or within your network
    • additional procedures would be needed
    • depending on precision of pin-pointing required
SEQUENCE Checklist
  1. power-cycle* M1: Arris, wait for it to settle**
  2. power-cycle R1: D-link WBR-1310 / pfSense / Smoothwall  & wait
  3. power-cycle R2: D-link DIR-820 & wait
Announce revive sequence complete: all users test email & web

  • You might have another "modem" M2 for VoIP (do not disturb).
  • You might have only 1 router (skip R2).
  • Network Switches S1, S2... generally don't need power-cycling.
  • Phone system & security camera NVR also remain undisturbed.
  • Be on the look out for obvious cords loose/fell out/damaged.

* power-cycle: turn OFF + WAIT 5 seconds (unless otherwise specified) + turn ON

** upon power up, you'll likely observe all lights lit... all off... then changing patterns, as it progresses through self-tests. You need not focus on exact details of the "song and dance" routine, other than that it happened, and eventually settled into a normal state of operation, with distinct ON/OFF, and some occasionally blink/flicker.

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