Bravo Spoofing Mitigation Deployment Levels
  1. SPF $75 (incl. demo* upon completion)
  2. SPF + DMARC $150 1.67hr (incl. demo upon completion)
  3. DKIM $180 (2.0 hr nom.)
  4. DKIM + DMARC $270 (3.0 hr nom.)
  5. SPF + DKIM + DMARC $315 (3.5 hr nom.)
  6. SPF + DKIM + DMARC + reporting & monitoring & maintenance $500 ~ $5000
Before any of these deployment, there is also mandatory level 0 (zero), consultation, pre-screening, definiting, etc. Sometimes, the project terminates upon end of session 0, because that's the most optimal choice.

* demo it's compliant with project specs, not tutorial (extra), not on-going review, advice, monitoring, maintenance

OR suspended, pending completion of other newly triggered projects + additional meetings, but no implementation yet

  1. implement things, publish things, so others can reject
  2. comply with recipient company requirements, so you're not rejected by their policy
  3. defensive settings for non-sending domains you own
by definition, any meaningful implementation of DMARC will be phased (4~6)

prevent others misusing your ID, improve your own send deliverability
sticky points: mass mailers you use (implicitly?) & your prof org sending on your behalf; roamers using non-standard smtp
not fix all, still can fall thru cracks

DEMO & Limitations