Windows Vista Compatibility Issues by Sam C. Chan

Vista Compatibility

January 3, 2007

Windows Vista had been released to corporate customers via licensing on November 30, 2006, with consumer release scheduled for the end of January. All clients should contact their mission-critical software vendors to inquire about their status of Windows Vista compatibility and support.

Before you can deploy Windows Vista, you must first clear it with all your critical application and device vendors, in other to not be met with painful surprises.

Prepare for Windows Vista Checklist:
  • Create a list of all your critical software (locally owned and installed)
    • Mission-critical applications
    • Proprietary VPN clients
  • Create a list of externally hosted application services (web-based) subscriptions
  • Create a list of all your critical systems and peripheral devices:
    • Systems (motherboard/chipset/BIOS)
    • Printers drivers
    • Network Interface Cards (NICs) device drivers
    • Wi-fi devices (Access Points & cards) drivers
    • Cameras (still photos/web cams) drivers & bundled applications
    • Scanners devices & bundled applications
  • Contact those vendors and request their "official statements" on Windows Vista
  • Review their status/timeline/plans for Vista support
  • Review each area of known problems and determine applicability

NOTE: You only need to perform these for your own custom items. Vista support status for all Bravo Officially Supported Products are handled by us.

The Issues:

  • Hardware requirements
  • Compatibility
    • Device Drivers
    • Applications
  • Training/Support Concerns
    • Menu/Procedural Consistency vs. XP environment
    • Documentation revisions

This document will be updated in the coming days.

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