Windows 10 Editions: Bravo Analysis by Sam C. Chan

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First published: July 20, 2015
Last Updated: August 10, 2015

  Features Home Professional Enterprise Education
  Local user accounts exist but not default
Microsoft Account is still optional
  Microsoft Edge (rebranded "Metro" browser) excl. LTSB
  Wifi Sense
  Virtual Desktops
  Windows Hello
  Windows Reset & "Refresh" (now combined)
  Side-loading of line-of-business apps
  Hardware Device Encryption
  Assigned Access 8.1  
  Encrypted File System (EFS)  
  Hyper-V   ✓ x64-only, no x86 support
  Remote Desktop Client only Client & Host

Maximum memory

4GB/128GB 4GB on x86 / 512 GB x64
Enterprise Class Management
  Domain join & Group Policy  
  Microsoft Azure Active Directory join  
  Private Catalog  
  Business Store  
  Mobile device management
  Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE)  
  Enterprise Data Protection  
  Credential Guard ("Pass the hash")    
  Device Guard    
  Start Screen Control w/ Group Policy    
  User experience control and lockdown    
  Windows To Go    
Windows Update & Security Patches
  CB: Current Branch (forced update)    
  CBB: Current Branch for Business  
  LTSB: Long Term Servicing Branch      
  Windows Update for Business  MS BLOG  

NOTE: Universal Apps is not listed here, because it's not a Windows O.S. feature. Rather, it's a Microsoft developer initiative & framework/toolkit.

Feature Color Code Legend

  New for Windows 10
  Available since Windows 8
  Existed since Windows 7


Mobile Editions (to be announced soon)
  • Windows 10 Mobile (OEM only)
  • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise (Volume License only)
  • Windows 10 IoT Core
  • IA-32 / ARMv7 (support Intel Atom- and ARM-based devices)

Basic Features (still not finalized)

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Account
  • Continuum
  • Cortana
  • Hardware Device Encryption???

Windows Insider Rings

  • Canary  not public
  • Windows & Devices Group  not public
  • Microsoft Ring  not public
  • Fast Ring
  • Slow Ring
  • Release Preview  Added Feb 2016
  • Production   stops future insider updates but doesn't revert




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