From the desk of: Sam C. Chan

A/V Hosting Capabilities of Mach 4

April 15, 2006

This document summarizes what we can and cannot do in the area of audio/visual media hosting and streaming.
File Type Download Streaming
MP3 Yes Yes. We've been streaming audio for 4 years. Both live events uplink, and on-demand/programmed streaming.
Live Audio Feed N/A
WMA Yes Video Streaming is currently available on
our SharePoint Portal server only,
which is a restricted site for internal use.

Public service rollout in 2007.

Mpeg1 Yes
Mpeg2 Yes
RM/QT Yes No plan to implement.
Live Video Feed N/A No. Under consideration.
FLV (flash video) Yes No. (We can host flash/shockwave animation)
ASX (play list) Yes Yes

Download means the visitor can click on a link, and either download it to a file, and play that file using their own player, or open it directly in the player. In either case, playback will begin after file download is completed.

Streaming means when the visitor click on the link, after a slight delay of buffering, playing will begin, if buffered data is exhausted (due to Internet congestion), then playing will pause and re-buffer, and the process starts again.

Note that once a file is downloaded, the user can repeatedly play that media file unlimited number of times. In the case of streaming, subsequent replays will incur download from server again.


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