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Web Development: Feature Demos

June 1, 2004   (Last updated: November 9, 2006)

1/15/2012  There is a wealth of nice neat WebDev demos at my personal
 German Learning Site

There are literally hundreds of specific techniques and technologies beyond basic HTML that we can develop and deploy. This is only a very small subset. If you have in mind a particular idea/feature, just request a special sample link, or request a live demo.

Bravo Technology Center:

Bravo Studio:

Eyeful Tower:

  • Custom size windows, with dual-mode navigation.
  • Background sound.
  • Copy Writing/Editing
  • Illustrations


Bravo Security Portal:


Specific Technologies & Techniques:

  • Server Side Include (SSI)
  • JavasCript
  • Java Applets
  • CSS
  • ASP
  • Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
  • Flash/Shockwave (SWF)
  • Flash Video (FLV)
  • FrontPage Server Extensions
  • On-Demand Streaming
  • Live Streaming
  • Playlists/Redirect
  • Embedded Players
  • Custom .HTAccess Files
  • Log Analysis


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