Bravo-assisted Direct Order

by Sam C. Chan
September 12, 2016

My role is advisory. I'm hired for the expertise in strategizing, keeping current with shipping logistics, industry trends, specific product knowledge & selections... not to act as a reseller... certainly not as a multi-billion dollar stocking distributor.
   see 2004 memo


  • Cash management
    • use cc as financing option (vs checks only)
    • take advantage of interest-free balance transfer
    • cash-back bonus, or gifts
  • transparency & control
    • close control of exact items
    • shipping method vs delays & risks
  • warranty handling
    • ability [obligation?] to deal directly with manufacturer on component warranty
  • sales tax management
    • deferment until self-reporting of use tax
    • vs immediate collection at time-of-purchase
    • note that Amazon started collecting sales tax in NYS


  • always entail more work & communications
  • you'll be responsible for all shipping mishaps
  • you'll be liable for ordering mistakes
  • you'll be somewhat involved in warranty cases

In general, it's well worth the hassle for simple & major items.

It should be avoided for minor & tedious (numerous & confusing/tricky) items.


  • I research, select, evaluate & validate
  • I create verified shopping cart, stop short of ordering
  • forward cart to you, for easily click & add to your cart
  • You order & pay, ship to location as I specify
  • some projects require: multi-order, multi-vendor, staggered schedule, and different ship-to locations

Critical & Exact Items

  • manufacturer's SKU#
  • quantity
  • buy-from source (distributor itself vs random 3rd-party)
  • ship-to address

Items At Your Discretion (with ramifications)

  • shipping method:
    • free saver/ground/express
    • Premier membership? Prime?
  • payment method: cc/check/penny jar
  • when to place order
    • subject to additional work, if stock situation changes & req. more research & decisions

Best Practices

  • always create an account with EACH distributor
    • login before order
    • ordering as "guest" affords you less manageable
  • don't buy from random 3rd-parties listing on major sites
  • consider premium membership level program
  • always create and save ship-to locations:
    • your own location(s):  HQ or branch office(s)
      8314 W Ridge Rd
      Brockport, NY 14420-1434
  • double-check... triple-check before FINALIZING


NEWEGG Instructions

  • login, so your Premier will be in effect
  • Immediately pick pre-saved SHIP-TO location as I requested <<<IMPORTANT
  • using my forward shopping cart
    • click & add each line item to your cart 
    • double-check quantity!!!
  • confirm on-sale items reflect discounts
  • subtotal should be same as mine, else... investigate
  • Select payment method
  • double-check final amount to be charged
    • any extra items auto-added?
  • Verify SHIP-TO address is as intended/requested
  • finalizing order
  • fwd me tracking info ONLY, while suppressing all the rest  (PLEASE!)
    • order confirmation
    • charge successful/decline/retry notices
    • follow-up, thank-you
    • invite to vote
    • share with your friends...
    • extended warranty offer
    • buyer of this also... related...
    • "delivered" notice


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