Bravo-assisted Direct Order

by Sam C. Chan
First Published:  September 12, 2016
Updated:  March 1, 2017

In the purchasing dept., my role is advisory. I'm enlisted for the expertise in strategizing, keeping current with shipping logistics, industry trends, specific product knowledge & selections... not to act as a reseller... certainly not as stocking distributor.
   see 2004 memo

You order directly. I guide you through the process.


  • Cash management
    • use cc as financing option (vs checks only)
    • take advantage of interest-free balance transfer
    • cash-back bonus, or gifts
  • transparency & control
    • close control of exact items
    • shipping method vs delays & risks
  • warranty handling
    • direct with distributor for swap/return, etc.
    • direct with manufacturer on component warranty
  • sales tax management


  • entails more work & communications
  • you'll be responsible for all shipping mishaps
  • you'll be liable for ordering mistakes
  • you'll be handling warranty cases

In general, it's well worth the efforts for simple & major items.

It should be avoided for minor & tedious items.
(numerous & confusing/tricky)


  • I research, select, evaluate & validate
  • I create verified shopping cart, stop short of ordering
  • forward cart to you, for easily click & add to your cart
  • You order & pay, ship to location as I specify
NOTE: some projects require: multi-order, multi-vendor, staggered schedule, and different ship-to locations

Critical & Exact Items

  • manufacturer's SKU#
  • quantity
  • buy-from source (avoid 3rd-party listing sellers)
  • ship-to address

Items At Your Discretion (with ramifications)

  • shipping method:
    • free saver/ground/express
    • Premier membership? Prime?
  • payment method
  • when to place order
    • subject to additional work, if stock situation changes & req. more research & decisions

Best Practices

  • always create an account with EACH distributor
    • login before order
    • "order as guest" = less manageable
  • don't buy from random 3rd-parties listing on major sites
  • consider premium membership level program
  • always create and save ship-to locations:
    • your own location(s):  HQ & branch office(s)
      8314 W Ridge Rd
      Brockport, NY 14420-1434
  • double-check... before FINALIZING
  • monitor order progress, respond to cc issuer verification as needed

NEWEGG Instructions

  • login, so your Premier membership will be in effect
  • Immediately pick pre-saved SHIP-TO location as I requested <<<IMPORTANT
  • from my forwarded shopping cart:
    click Add-all-to-cart
  • confirm on-sale items reflect discounts
  • subtotal should be same as mine, else... investigate
  • Select payment method
  • double-check final amount to be charged
    • any extra items auto-added?
  • Verify SHIP-TO address is as intended/requested
  • finalizing order
  • fwd me tracking info ONLY, while suppressing all the rest  (PLEASE!)
    • order confirmation
    • charge successful/decline/retry notices
    • follow-up, thank-you
    • invite to vote
    • share with your friends...
    • extended warranty offer
    • buyer of this also... related...
    • "delivered" notice


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