From the desk of: Sam C. Chan

"All-is-Well" Checklist

July 18, 2007

After a repair incidence, or major upgrade, you're asked to "test everything" and here's a comprehensive list. Use it as a baseline, add/remove custom items for your firm.

Recommended Basic Checklist:

  • Domain/Workstation Login
    • Login successfully
    • Access your Windows desktop
  • File Server access
    • Access data located on file server
    • Verify you haven't lost any critical data files
    • Successfully Edit/Update those files, or create new ones
    • Confirm above newly updated/created files are accessible by others
  • Internet
    • Browse to a live page (hit refresh, or visit new page, testing gateway router & ISP line)
    • Able to type domain name into browser and reach site as expected (testing DNS)
    • Special online services/sites/features important to you, such as:
      • QuickBooks Online Edition
      • Stock Quote sites
      • Any other w/ special Active-X/Java/Flash/Shockwave requirements
    • Wireless Connection
  • Email
    • Access existing email messages
    • Send/Receive messages to self
    • Send/Receive messages to outside contacts via address book
  • Exchange Server
    • Shared Calendars
    • Delegation features
    • Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Mission-Critical Applications
    • Your Line-of-Business Software
    • Scanner operations
    • User-specific Applications
  • Printing
    • Local directly attached printer
    • All Network Printers you required
  • Remote Sessions
    • Out-bound (to another branch office, or HQ)
    • In-bound (to your own workstation, must enlist others to test for you)
    • VPN In-bound access
  • Backup Operations (DIFA only)
    • Verify the next scheduled backup proceeds successfully
Important Points to Remember:
  • Test early and report findings ASAP, but not prematurely.
  • Coordinate locally and report to me from a single point of contact.
  • Consolidated reporting streamlines my efforts, reducing your costs.
  • Significant findings warrants interim reports, before you can declare "All-is-Well."
  • It steers my follow-up efforts & decisions, could eliminate some needless steps.
  • Early detection of remaining issues preserves precious (but rapidly vanishing) options.


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