Our Roles

We're constantly experimenting with latest technologies. Our offices and homes are test beds for future solutions.

Solutions. Not Products.

Expertise. Not Hype.

Rationales. Not Ideologies.

Our roles as an an outside contractor working on time-and-material basis are very different from those of employees. We follow common industry conventions and protocols, and our own time-tested systems to achieve the goals as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Our Roles Include
  • adviser & facilitator
  • recommend & draft IT policies
  • not a policy enforcer by default
  • enforce per management request
  • accept request/feedback from staff
  • research department
  • evaluate/recommend vendors
  • implement & deploy solutions
  • support & maintain operations
  • strategic planning and visions
Our Standard Roles Exclude
  • instant availability (on-call)
  • secretarial record keeping
  • physical constructions
Services We Provide
  • Technical support & administration
  • Incidence response
  • Repairs & upgrades
  • technology watch & alerts
  • briefings on-demand
  • tutorials/seminars on-demand
  • IT infrastructure maintenance
  • explore technological ways to improve your business operations
DIFA   (see memo)

The primary role of the Designated In-house Facilitator/Administrator (DIFA) is to be the first line of IT support for fellow workers, in order to minimize billing, and improve response time and service level. Typical activities include:

  • serve as single point of contact
  • coordination & scheduling
  • dissemination of info from us
  • technical record keeping
  • perform preliminary diagnostics
  • initiate help request
  • execute prescribed tests
  • report results of prescribed tests
  • daily monitoring of network
  • monitor anti-virus console
  • supervise backup operations
  • assist us on-site
  • perform routine tasks:
    add users, reset passwords
    install printer drivers, firewall rules
The DIFA is typically an employee with a fair amount of computer knowledge. An initial assessment of skills and a thorough discussion on division of labor and management preferences & directives are in order. Periodic reviews are highly recommended.

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