For 15 years, we have systematically focused our efforts on an evolving core group of strategically important products. In a memo published on January 3, 2003, we established the official Product Support Levels (PSL) standard. Each product is assigned one of six PSL codes. Here's a brief summary:


 PSL0   Bravo Strategic Solution Offerings (BSSO):
These products form the foundation of our operations, and they're considered to be among our core competency. When a product is assigned a PSL0/BSSO Status, it indicates that we have:

  • significant research and investment in the product
  • long history and experience through active usage in-house
  • authoritative knowledge on the product
  • formal strategic alliance and with the vendor, and
  • long-term commitment to the platform.
  •  PSL1   Officially Supported: Actively used or installed in-house, walk-thru available, up-to-date on versions, problems, news & development, etc.

     PSL2   Supported: Trained on product, but not keeping up on development. Do not maintain in-house installed copies.

     PSL3   Assisted: Only basic familiarity with product.

     PSL4   Unknown: No knowledge on product. Will research on client's behalf.

     PSL5   Unsupported: No support. We decline to work on such product due to known insurmountable issues, or specific concern/objections from past experience.

    See the official memo for details and up-to-date listing of products in each category. It is a continuously updated document.