PMS - sensible small biz server
Productivity, manageability, sensibility
Date Version Mem Disk Remarks
Nov. 5, 2015 9.2     9.1 refresh: Host O.S. kernel Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS XFCE RDP, VB 5.0.12 enhancements, headless mode virtual instances
Aug. 19, 2014 8.1     8.0 refresh: Host O.S. w8.1 with Update 1. SLAT hardware.
April 8, 2014 9.1     9.0 Refresh, with Blades powered by Oracle VirtualBox 4.3.14
Dec. 29. 2013 9.0     Linux host O.S. Server. Blades powered by Oracle VirtualBox 4.2
Nov. 5, 2012 8.0     Dedicated Hyper-V Server for small biz. BIOS + w7 host O.S. tuned.
July 8, 2011 7.1 135M 2.0G Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64 refresh & tune. Enhanced bundled suite.
May 1, 2010 7.0 145M 2.2G Windows 7 Pro RTM x64, used as Win6.x admin hub. Nick name: Server 2008 jr. Intended Role: Supplements (and in some cases competes with) WHS 2011, but mostly covers different niches.
Sep 9, 2009 6.0 137M 958M Based on Windows XP x64 SP2. Dawn of new era: 4G ~ 12G boxes optimized for VPC pool. Introducing: Bravo Softblade Server.
Oct 3, 2008 5.3 54M 404M Based on Bravo XPL-LT4F2 build, our flagship XP trim release, with nearly universal coverage of storage & NIC drivers.
Nov 5, 2007 5.2 51M 363M Based on Bravo XPL-LT3A build, hand trimmed master image. Morse Code banner, status, error messages. Universal restore images for disaster recovery. Added user console, auto-login, for use by DIFA. Integrated TrueCrypt per Bravo small biz central on-the-fly transparent encryption doctrine. Certified Retrospect 7.5 compatibility (replicate and progressive backup).
Oct 20, 2007 4.4 32M 237M Final 4.x upgrade. Only bug fixes in future builds. Additional dev for PMS 5.x only. 2K version dev transition to Embedded Device project.
Oct. 10, 2007 5.1 63M 395M Significant refinements, bug fixes. Slipstreamed all post-SP2 patches and select hotfixes. Formal standardization based on XPL-MC3 build. Drastically improved version control schemes & documentation. Also introduced parallel XPH, and XPP editions for the benefits of small clients w/ such licenses. Previously only supported XPL (corporate license edition) and VPC.
Aug. 18, 2007 5.0 75M 410M Based on Windows XP Professional SP2 corporate license edition. Finally, much anticipated TS server for RDP access! Improved EFS. Credential caching, better domain support. Special VPC edition simultaneously released.
Feb 11, 2006 4.3 32M 246M Significant streamlining, with an eye on future transition to embedded project.
July 2005 4.2 48M 305M Bug fixes. Slipstreamed O.S. install w/ unofficial SP5. Also start certifying for VPC.
Jan. 2005 4.1 55M 380M Improved stability. Restored many previously missing/non-functional features. Reduced overhead. Major emphasis on LAN-based remote management features.
May 1, 2004 Announcement All current & future versions are certified for FLASH IDE drive emulation.
April 1, 2004 4.0 69M 450M Based on Windows 2000 Professional. NT-based ACL and services. Telnet server. EFS support. Secondary logon. Remote registry & admin, including PSEXEC. Can act as SAV server and NetChkPro deployment center. RDP gateway. UVNC gateway & repeater.
Feb. 14, 2004 Announcement Rumor of PMS demise had been "greatly exaggerated." Actually, we decided to reverse our previous decision. The gap between what is achievable w/ PMS and the cost of an entry-level SBS server hardware + N.O.S. + CALs is still very significant. To serve that niche, we commenced development of an NT-based version.
Jan. 15, 2004 Announcement PMS development to cease, and focus on LAMM, due to recent developments:
  • the advent of inexpensive server hardware, and newly dropped SBS prices.
  • a recent security patch in W2K and XP caused hanging in SMB code when accessing 98-based servers. Microsoft does not intend to fix that, citing EOL status, and therefore it's an insurmountable problem for PMS.
  • Fall 2003 Announcement PMS development merged/coordinated w/ Lean And Mean Machines (LAMM, previously LitePC) project. Institute systematic version control, forking, lineage tracking and documentation. Role/niche/purpose-driven development directions. Parallel tracks w/ close coordination.
    Summer 2002 3.5 28M 97M Removed IE, no TCP/IP, only NetBEUI. UI lock-down.
    Late 2001 3.4 31M 119M Add shutdown utility for NT/2K-like remote admin features.
    2001 3.3 32M 124M Streamlining and bug fixes. Tested w/ Radmin and UVNC.
    Summer 2000 3.2 34M 135M Based on Windows 98 Second Edition. Major milestone release.
    1999 3.1 24M 85M Based on Windows 95 OSR2. Transition from previous WinRoute (from Tiny Software) enterprise gateway router project.
    1997 3.0 30M? 100M? Based on Windows 95, native LFN support. Much enhanced SMB/CIFS features.
    1995 2.0 8M? 35M? Based on Windows for Workgroup 3.11 + LFN to support W95 workstations.
    1993 1.0 4M? 15M? Based on DOS 6 + DOS Add-on for WFW

    Although our workgroup server hardware line had always been under the name Encore, the custom dedicated server NOS remained nameless for years until Release 3.5 in 2000. Originally, PMS stood for Poor Man's Server. Currently, the official name is Productivity, Manageability, Sensibility.