Bravo PMS - Productivity, Manageability, Sensibility. Custom Small-Footprint Server O.S. for small businesses.

Dec. 29, 2013: PMS 9.0 Linux server platform
"blades" Powered by Oracle VirtualBox

productivity, manageability, sensibility

Apr. 2, 2014: SoftBlade level subnet sandbox, with remote panel for DIFA!

Nov. 5, 2012: PMS 8.0 dedicated Hyper-V Server

May 1, 2010: PMS 7.0 based on Win7x64: Server2008 jr :) [admin hub]

Sep 9, 2009: Announcing PMS 6.0 XPx64 sp2 & Bravo SoftBlade Server.

Oct 3, 2008: PMS 5.3 based on XPL-LT4F2 LANDMARK EDITION

Case Studies:

Mar. 2012: Lean & mean FACTS Machine (Infor ERP)

Nov. 2011: Lean & mean Quickbooks Enterprise Solution 12 (SyBase Server)

Goals and Objectives:

  • Improve server reliability
  • Make our job of IT admin easier &  more effective
  • Improve security
  • Reduce expenses

    Last reviewed: 2015

    Introduction (2007)

    Since 1993, we've been providing small businesses a sensible alternative to choosing between high-cost/complexity of high-end dedicated servers, and simplistic unreliability of unmanaged peer-to-peer networking. We shattered the myths that 1-size fits all, and that the server always must be the most powerful system on the network.

    As part of our computer fleet management know-how, we utilize retired workstations, as users upgraded to to meet the demand of applications. We completely reassemble, clean, test the hardware, install fresh custom OS, modify configuration to improve performance and security. Sometimes, the systems are retrofitted with large hard drives (or RAID sub-systems), extra network cards, etc. according to their intended new roles as dedicated servers.

    Target Audience:

    Networks with 2~10 users, who are not interested in the advanced enterprise features, and just need reliable dedicated file servers, and advanced IT administration support.

    For more details, see Niches/Scenarios, Cost Analysis, Server Roles & Classes, and Frequently Asked Questions. You might also be interested in the Version History.

    The advantages:

  • low cost - typically zero investment for hardware/software
  • leverage your existing O.S. license for the box
  • simplicity - compared to domain-based high-end solutions
  • easily run by owner or in-house staff
  • reliable, dedicated, no interference
  • special IT administration features
  • "headless" operations closet-ready, Morse Code UI
  • optimized for remote admin, with many exclusive features
  • field-proven, with many having multi-year uptimes
  • superb compatibility, as it's based on actual Microsoft O.S.
  • pre-configured, pre-tested for WAN access, simulating your local subnet, ready for branch-office plug-n-play deployment

  • Excerpt from Bravo News 11/5/2007:

    Remember, remember... PMS = Poor Man's Server  (at its humble origin in 1993 anyway).  Today, it officially stands for "Productivity, Manageability, Sensibility."  Bravo proudly announce PMS 5.2, a major milestone release. Based on the proven XPL-LT3A build of LAMM. Added Morse Code status for full headless operations support! Certified Retrospect compatibility. Availability of universally restorable images, and VPC edition. This release coincides w/ publishing of our Server Roles and Classification Analysis.  

    (... and yes, that was an allusion to Guy Fawkes)


    14 years & 650+ R & D hours later, PMS has out-grown its original goals & image. Once merely "Poor Man's Server," PMS-powered boxes now serve in special  demanding mission-critical situations, where it excels over traditional servers.
    -SUMMER 2008