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Bravo ACE Principles: Sam C. Chan 1992. Brockport, NY. (Sam Chan is the president and founder of Bravo Technology Center)
The Bravo ACE Principles

I firmly believe that majority of problems found in government agencies and private sectors are rooted from deficiency in one or more of these three areas. Conversely, excellence is achieved by vigorously addressing all of them....

Sam C. Chan
Bravo Technology Center

That's what you need.
That's what you get.

The Bravo Advantage

We're a value-Added network integrator, based in Rochester, New York, USA.  We provide comprehensive & sensible technology solutions. We operate on a professional services model. The product distribution operations exist to benefit the clients. Virtually 100% of our income are derived from consulting and other services. Our primary clients are small businesses with 5 to 25 employees. We provide support and technology briefing for other IT consultants and resellers.

Vicky Tankard, originally from London, United Kingdom. She started her IT career 10 years ago and joint Bravo Technology Center in October 2000. She was formerly the in-house system administrator at Chamberlin, Scott International, an IT recruitment firm based in London.


Sam C. Chan. Bravo Technology Center.  (Sam Chan, a native of Hong Kong, currently based in Rochester, New York, USA, has been a computer consultant for 25 years.)Sam C. Chan, founder of Bravo Technology Center, has 24  years of experience working in the PC industry. He was among those pioneering hobbyists of the 70's.  With an extensive formal education and on-going training and research,  backgrounds from electronics to programming, and extensive international contacts in distributions and manufacturing, he is able to provide an objective perspective. He's been a long time industry observer and an out-spoken critic on ergonomics and usability issues. He also boasts the highest "learning-to-earning" ratio among the professionals in the industry. In short, your ideal business ally in the rough seas of technology.

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