From the desk of: Sam C. Chan

Memo on Communications

April 15, 2001   (See also multiple addenda at the end and Summon Urgent Support)

This is a consolidated document of all previous communiqués. All future communiqués on the subject will be issued as addenda, for better continuity and ease of access.

Bravo Technology Center supports the following modes of communication:

  • Office Phones
  • Mobile Phones
  • FAX
  • Email
  • 2-way radios (FRS/GMRS)
  • PicoPhone (Direct VoIP)
  • Postal Mail (US, UK and HK)
  • AIM/Yahoo/MSN Messenger
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Web-based SMS Gateway
  • Email-based SMS Gateway
  • Web-based Message Forms
  • Internet Conference (Bravo-hosted)
  • Support Chat Room (Bravo-hosted)
  • See for up-to-date numbers and addresses.

    Email is preferred, as it is non-intrusive, detailed, accurate, provides audit trails, and facilitates delegation. If interaction is required, call the office or instant message. Call mobile phones for urgent matters ONLY. For routine notifications, or to request urgent call back, use SMS. It can get thru where voice calls cannot, and is far less intrusive.

    The main office line is constantly being checked. Always leave a message there first. I'm mostly office-based, and might not always check the mobile phone.

    I have a long-standing policy of not answering office calls during client sessions. They cause disruptions without any real benefits to the new caller. My general duties explicitly exclude instant availability. When I am in session (on-site or in-office), please observe strict "radio silence." I seldom interrupt sessions with you to take calls, and you must reciprocate the same courtesy to my other clients.

    Some valid reasons to interrupt me by calling my mobile number:

    • You're on phone with tech support and have a crucial, quick question
    • Your server (not just 1 workstation) is down
    • You need to reschedule an upcoming appointment on the same day
    • You were specifically told to call mobile for a given matter
    • You're a retainer service client, and you deem it appropriate per our terms

    The use of FAX is strongly discouraged: Poor quality. Difficult to file. Content not searchable. Inaccessible at hotel rooms. Tie up phone lines at the wrong moment.



    March 1, 2003   Dedicated FAX Phased out

    Dedicated FAX line finally phased out after 18 years. End of an era. RIP FAX, you will not be missed. We consolidated from 5 phone lines down to 3, plus 1 new out-sourced FAX number. The former 7726 and 3617 lines have been disconnected, though they'll  remain on the phone books for a while. See: for active numbers.


    March 3, 2003   Email-based SMS Gateway Launched

    You can now send SMS text directly to my phone via email, without requiring a SMS-capable phone. Visit: for the special email address. Per security principles, no email address will be typed in any electronically published documents. At the contact page, you'll see a human discernable graphic rendition of the address. This foils evil robots harvesting email addresses for SPAMming and other attacks.


    August 2, 2003   Web-based SMS Gateway Launched

    With our custom in-house developed and hosted CGI program, you can send SMS text to my phone, without an SMS-capable phone.

    Keep in mind: This is a LIVE service. Please refrain from needless repeated tests. When testing, identify yourself, and explicitly state "test." Repeated anonymous SMS constitute willful pranks and might cause your IP address to be banned.


    June 1, 2005   Digital Telephony

    Our main line +1.585.637.8869 is now digital. It can be routed to any global point with reasonable Internet connection. We can move into Hot Stand-by Site and resume operations seamlessly and transparently. While traveling out-of-town or abroad, we can continue to accept and places calls at domestic number and rates. Voicemail and call records are accessible globally by all virtual team members.

    See also:

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