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System Deployment Status

August 9, 2007

This is a sample of our system deployment status chart. It tracks a system from initial specifications definition, to parts acquisition, assembly, customization, testing, delivery,  installation and final production activation.


Bravo System Deployment Status
XYZ CLT CODE John Doe CONTACT Current Target: Friday 8/10/07 1:00 pm



SONA, SYMP, FORT, APPA HOSTNAME Last Updated: Thursday 8/9/07 9:47 am

Phase Status Remarks
Discuss Requirements Completed  
Submit Quote Completed  
Quote Approval Completed  
Send Invoice Completed  
Receive Payment Completed  
Order Parts Completed  
Parts Arrival Partial All in (including all peripherals), except Office 2007 media-less license kit, which doesn't hold up process.
Assemble System Completed  
Hardware Testing Completed  
Software Install Completed  
Software Test In-Progress 50% completed.
Customization In-Progress Could be abbreviated if you're in a hurry.
Record Keeping Partial  
Burn-In (optional) Pending  
Q.C./Q.A. Checklist Pending  
Packing & Labeling Pending  
Pickup/Delivery Pending Contact Info, Maps & Driving Directions
Client Site Hook-Up Pending  
Phase 2 Installation Pending  
Review & Follow-up Pending  

Legend: Completed Partial In-Progress Skipped Exceptions Pending Ready Not applicable



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