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Vista Deployment: Recommendations & Strategies

January 3, 2007 (See also portal listings at the end)

This is the official statement on Vista Deployment for our client sites. It also serves as information portal for Windows Vista-related reference materials.

After a very long beta period, we're finally winding down that testing/learning phase and preparing to roll out Vista. Official Microsoft release dates are: November 30, 2006 for corporate licensing customers, and January 31, 2007 for OEM and retail customers.

To Vista or Not?
The short answer is: YES!  There are numerous compelling reasons. No, there's no concern for immediate adoption, contrary to popular myth. There had never been a single incident in the entire history, with proper knowledge and preparation. You must first clear the Vista compatibility/support step. All the misguided "advice" out there are stemming from ignorance and flawed logic. With that said, however, we don't recommend upgrading existing stations in general, as the resulting benefits typically won't justify the efforts and expenses. See Vista Adoption Decision memo for details.

When Can I Get It?
We can provide you with Vista now, if you're a Microsoft licensing customer with an existing authorization certificate and agreements. If you're not already one, now might be a good time to look into becoming one. There are numerous benefits associated with licensing. All other clients may obtain new systems with Vista, or purchase upgrade packages after January 31, 2007the general release date.

Will XP Still be Available?
XP corporate & OEM licenses will continue to be available until January 31, 2008.

Downgrade Rights
There are scenarios where you're not ready to immediately deploy Vista at your firm. Licensing users (as opposed to shrink-wrap retail/OEM) have the option of obtaining a Vista license for new systems, and legally install a copy of XP using the previous XP volume license key (VLK) and media. This is only applicable to Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate downgrading to XP Pro. XP Home is not available in licensing and therefore both technically and legally not feasible.

Note: Cost-wise, it is advantageous to acquire Vista licenses for new systems and exercising the downgrade rights, rather than continuing to acquire XP, as that would incur the costs of XP-to-Vista upgrades in the future!


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