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Vista Adoption Decision

January 3, 2007

This document outlines some of the criteria for considering whether to adopt Windows Vista now, or to stay with Windows XP for a while. Schedule appointments to discuss details or for further clarifications.

What you need to know about the Vista "decision":

  • scheduled release to general public and OEM on January 30, 2007 (in 27 days)
  • already released to corporate licensing customers on November 29, 2006
  • adoption of Win 6.x platform is not a question of if, but a question of when
  • there are numerous compelling features & benefits
    • better manageability for IT
    • improved security
    • ergonomic enhancement & pleasant experience
    • new features, making possible forgoing of some 3rd-party products
    • eventually, it'd be a mandatory standard platform, demaned by applications
  • it's all about justification of cost & efforts vs. benefits (tangible and intangible)
    • don't overlook costs beyond licensing fee (labor, training & memory upgrades)
    • works perfectly fine on current generation (3-year old) basic workstations
  • coordination & optimization: avoid haphazard scrambling
  • must first clear the compatibility/support step
  • mixed environment of XP and Vista is a perfectly viable option
  • upgrading of existing stations is feasible but generally not worthwhile
    • in-place upgrade for problem-free stations only, fresh install for all others
  • strategy for licensing:
    • all new systems should be acquired with Vista
    • optionally exercise legal downgrade rights if deferral is dictated by your IT policy, upgrade cycle or vendors' limitations
    • this eliminates the subsequent upgrade license cost

Vista decision/timeline should be driven by:

  • specific new features that solve specific problems for you
  • compatibility/support risks
  • expected remaining life span of workstations
  • your overall IT objectives, policies and upgrade cycle
  • your strategic directions on mission-critical applications (MCA)
  • your MCA vendors' compatibility timeline, upgrade cycles and support policies
  • your licensing agreement expiration/renewal dates
  • seasonal scheduling considerations (your firm's workload & our availability)
  • other relevant facts & merits

Give no considerations to: WARNING: These are prevalent among consumer presses & hobbyists posing as pros

  • coolness (fall prey to "techno lust") or other emotional factors
  • peer pressure & myths on the street (or in the press, same thing)
  • unfounded categorical fear of being early adopter
  • false assumption that top-of-the-line hardware is required
  • upgrade for upgrade's sake, just to "keep up" with the latest
  • logical fallacies and nonsensical conventional wisdom
  • flawed ideologies (essentially emotional response & agenda)


  1. Is your hardware ready? (performance requirements, device drivers, etc.)
  2. Your mission-critical applications ready? (compatibility & vendor support)
  3. Is your IT department ready? (skills set, custom-developed scripts, staff training, infrastructural factors, cycles, etc.)

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