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Overview   Last updated: 01/07/06

IT resellers & consultants, consider joining Bravo Technology Center as a partner, associate or affiliate.

HOW: There ways to partner with us:

  • Retain us as a partner of your firm

  • Subcontract out your work on a per-project basis, essentially, hire us on time-and-materials basis
  • Join our virtual team, work for us as a subcontractor

WHY:  Common reasons & benefits:

  • To have your own IT research department
  • To tap into proven knowledgebase & methodologies
  • To focus on your core competency
  • Gain visions & perspectives
  • To jump start and expand your operations
  • Seasonal supplemental human resources
  • 1-stop coordination and integration   DETAILS

WHO: The typical candidate for partnering with us:

  • Entry-level consultants/resellers who desire the presence of business-class services and expertise
  • Seasoned professionals occasionally needing outside assistance on specific advanced topics
  • Corporations with branch offices lacking in-house admin
  • Vertical-market application makers

WHAT: With your membership, you gain access to a wide world of benefits as outlined here:

  • IT Policy Setting & Reviews
  • On-Demand Technical Briefing
  • Monitoring and Alerts
  • Mac-UNIX-Windows Cross-Platform Expertise
  • IT industry-specific management know-how
  • Proven Business Templates
  • Insiders tips & tricks-of-the-trade from a veteran
  • Headquarters-Branch Offices WAN Scenarios
  • Open Source Strategies & Solutions (Linux & BSD)
  • Network Designs, Validation & Deployment
  • Network Security
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Security Lock-down
  • VPN Concepts, Strategies and Deployment
  • Computer Forensics
  • Backup Strategies & Concepts
  • Disaster Planning & Recovery
  • Research Outsourcing
  • Logistics & Distributions

WHERE: US, UK & HK are the 3 primary regions of the world which we serve. We have:

  • extensive contacts worldwide
  • local physical facilities and infrastructures
  • local representatives & technicians
  • sensitivity to specific local cultural & customs
  • awareness of local business practices
  • compliance of applicable regulatory requirements
  • accept local currencies and provide bank references
  • comprehensive means of communications
  • language and dialect abilities
  • logistical experiences


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