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8314 Ridge Road West
Brockport, NY 14420



Office +1.585.637.8869
FAX +1.206.888.2426
Mobile/SMS: +1.585.957.1987



18 Wetherby Road
Borehamwood, Hertfordshire
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Modes of Communication

Email is our preferred mode of communications. Call the office if you require interactive response. Use of FAX is strongly discouraged. We discontinued our dedicated FAX line in March 2003, after 18 years.

Use SMS text messages to request urgent response or send routine update. Mobile voice calls should be reserved for urgent matters only.

See Memo on Communications
for detailed tips & policies.

Office Visits

Appointments required for all office visits, as we are not staffed to handle any unannounced visitors. Thanks in advance for being considerate. For your convenience, weekend & evening hours are available.

FYI: Walk-In Sessions are billed at Emergency Rate.

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GPS Navigation:

77.924894 W
43.232599 N

 From Thruway   

From NYS Thruway I-90

  • Take Exit 47 (LeRoy) for Brockport 
  • Follow series of signs after toll booth
  • Get on Rt. 19 North 
  • Pass Rt. 31, go thru Brockport village
  • Turn Right -> Rt. 104 East Ridge Rd
  • 7th house (white) on left (North side)
  • (Est. drive time: 20 min.)

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     From Airport    Audio driving directions from Airport

    At Greater Rochester Airport exit 

  • Turn right -> Rt. 204 (Brooks Ave) 
  • Change to left lane immediately
  • Turn Left -> Rt. 390 North 2 mi 
  • Take Rt. 490 West exit (on left) 1.5 mi
  • (cont. with directions from Rochester)

     From Rochester    Audio Driving Directions from Rochester I-490

    Traveling west on Rt. 490...

  • Take Rt. 531 West
        (Exit 8: Brockport-Spencerport) 
  • Stay on Rt. 531 all the way 7 mi 
  • Turn Right -> Rt. 36 at the end 100 ft. 
  • Turn Left -> Rt. 31 West 1.5 mi 
  • Turn Right -> Rt. 260 North
        (Sweden-Walker) 2 mi
  • Turn Left -> Rt. 104 West Ridge Rd 
  • 1.8 miles from traffic light 
  • White house on right (North side)
  • (Est. drive time: 30 min.)

    Note: It you come to Rt. 19, you just passed by 7 houses. Just cross intersection, Left Turn into K&K plaza, and turn back.

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