Bravo PMS - Productivity, Manageability, Sensibility. Custom Small-Footprint Server O.S. for small businesses.
productivity, manageability, sensibility

This server classes chart shows various system configurations suitable for PMS and the server roles they are capable of performing. Conversely, for any particular task/role you have in mind, you can look up the minimal hardware configuration required.

For a general conceptual level background information on the typical range of memory and hard drive usage for various OS install, based on our empirical data collected in real-world cases, see Memory/HD Usage chart. The exact memory and drive space usage data of each version of PMS is published in the Version History page. See FAQ page for terms & conditions of P-Class servers.


*Motherboards listed for P-class servers are typical. Actual models vary, but all within our approved list.

**Sustained consumption listed, for purpose of heat/cost calculation. Approx. 45 sec of 150% surge at power up.