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Last reviewed: 2015
Frequently Asked Questions (2007)

What exactly am I getting from you?

It's not a distributed software product, but a customization service. Typically, the system, along with its software license, are from your existing computer fleet. You may also obtain that as a refurbished set from us, subject to availability.

Are there any legal and/or technical limitations?

This is fully in compliance with your End User License Agreement (EULA) as it's no different from its previous use as a workstation. However, being a workstation edition O.S., it has a hard-coded limit of 10 concurrent SMB (server access) sessions. It's obviously not suitable for larger size networks. Note: Unlike its server counter part, there's no additional cost for CALs - a major plus!

Why can't I just do a standard installation?

Wasted memory, slow performance, reduced reliability, conflicts & interference from user-oriented features, lacking specialized server management features that are needed by IT support personnel. Security is also a major issue with standard installation.

Why not just drop in a NAS?

The advantages are: lower cost, much higher performance & features, easier management with familiar interface & concept, without severe restrictions, and absolutely no application compatibility issues.

What about Samba?

We continue to offer that, both in stand alone install over Linux/FreeBSD, and as integrated solutions such as: ClarkConnect. The complexity is overwhelming and new skills are required of the DIFA. Features and performance are far inferior, and there are numerous compatibility issues w/ the translation layers. Specifically, UNIX-style permissions are crude and dated, compared to modern ACL. Samba serves the niche of massive user base with only rudimentary SMB/CIFS needs, and lack a budget for commercial NOS.

Can I use just any old station?

No. We have a specific set of criteria for qualifying your hardware for suitability. Our refurbished P-class servers are strictly limited to former corporate class workhorses, with official Bravo approved motherboard models. Also, the configuration of your hardware determines what kind of server roles it can perform.

What are the terms of your Refurb P-Class Servers?

The price includes a nominal $65 fee covering: complete reassembly (including CPU/heatsink), chemical clean, cosmetic touch-up, inspection and burn-in, high ambient temperature environmental endurance test, and documentation of diagnostics & configurations. Essentially, you're getting a class 1 box for $15! Warranty: 90-day. Software install costs are extra, ranging from $60 ~ $180 depending on features and customization needed.

And terms for New E-Class Servers?

Warranty: 3-year on processor and motherboard. 1-year on the rest of system components. See details on System Purchase Memo.

When should I consider SBS Server instead?

Any network w/ 10 stations or more, as domain management is almost mandatory at that point. You should also consider it at 5+ users, if you can take advantage of the SBS features, such as: Exchange Server, OWA, RWW, VPN, SMTP, IIS, FTP and SQL. See Server Roles Analysis.

Can this PMS concept & techniques be applied to new systems?

Absolutely. We have created many purpose-built units - some with unusual specifications: hard-drive-less, fan-less, chassis-less, miniature embedded version, etc. Other popular applications include: "road warrior" remote node, custom Virtual PC host serving as light-weight hypervisor  (essentially a Poor Man's "Blade" Server).

It seems PMS would be perfect as Virtual PC guest OS?

Indeed! In fact, the mere mentioning of 39M/350M (mem/HD) footprint XP Pro can cause an IT guru to faint (from sheer excitements and disbelieves). And PMS has been available in VHD images per your specifications for some time now. It has been a staple tool in our in-house tech support arsenal for over 5 years.   READ MORE

Any other unusual and creative applications of PMS?

Numerous! Majority of them are very obscure and particular. One of the most common application with broad appeal is creation of a "floating QuickBooks Seat/License" either in a dedicated old box, or a "bare-metal" VPC guest in an existing station. Of course, an extra QuickBooks license is still required. This makes it accessible to different stations serially.

Can we license the process and know-how?

Certainly. Typically it is done in a gradual and phased fashion, starting with demo and consultation sessions, which can be conducted in-office or remotely. Contact us for details.


14 years & 650+ R & D hours later, PMS has out-grown its original goals & image. Once merely "Poor Man's Server," PMS-powered boxes now serve in special demanding mission-critical situations, where it excels over traditional servers.