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Last reviewed: 2015
Memory and Hard Disk Space Sizing Chart

Updated data for Windows 6.x & Oracle VirtualBox plafforms
available upon request during private sessions

This sizing chart represents our empirical data collected in real-world cases. It provides you with general conceptual level background information on the typical range in different scenarios.

The exact memory and drive space usage data of each version of PMS is actually published in the Version History page. For a chart of system configurations suitable for PMS, see our Server Roles and Classification Analysis.

Legend: Disk Storage Usage Space used on boot drive with O.S.
  Memory Sizing Recommended amount of memory
  Memory Consumption Amount of memory in-use

After 14 years, PMS has out-grown its original goals & image. Once merely "Poor Man's Server," PMS-powered boxes now serve in demanding mission-critical situations, where it excels over traditional servers.