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We're constantly experimenting with latest products and technologies. Our home and offices are test beds for current and future products and solutions. 

ADM Administration
AV Anti-Virus
BKUP Backup
BRAN Branch Office IT
CLAB Online Collaboration
CTI Computer Telephony Integration
DCAM Digital Cameras
DCON Data Conversion
DDNS Dynamic DNS
DNS Domain Name Registration & Management
DPAR Disaster Planning, Avoidance & Recovery
DREC Data Recovery
EC Electronic Commerce
ELEC Electronic & Electrical Designs
EMAI email
FRNS Computer Forensics
FW Firewall
GRAP Graphic Designs
HDSK Help Desk Deployment
HOST web Hosting
HSBS Hot Stand-By Site
HUPG Hardware Upgrades
ICOM Intercom (voice)
IM Instant Messenging
IMG Imaging
INET Internet
IRON Incidence Response Over Network
KMGM Knowledge Management
LGST Logistics & Procurement
LING Linguistic Research & Services
MCOM Mobile Computing
MDIA Media Player/Server
NASA NASA Procedures
NDES Network Designs & Validation
NSEC Network Security
OLBK Online Backup
OS Operating System
OSIR On-Site Incidence Response
PA Public Address Systems
PCP PC Postage


PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PHOT Digital Photography
PRWI Premise Wiring
PSEC Physical Security
PWR Power Protection & Backup
RACC Remote Access
RAS Remote Access Server
RENT Rental
REPL Replication
REPR Computer & Lexmar Printer Repair
RMON Remote Monitoring
SASS Security Assessment
SDEV Software Development
SEPO Search Engine Placement Optimization
SERV Servers
SMS Short Messenging Service
SPYW Spyware
STRM Streaming Services
SUPG Software Upgrades
TELE Telephony
TEST Testing & Certification
TRAI Training
TSUP Technical Support
TUT Tutorial
VCNF Voice/Video confernece
VMAI Voicemail
VOIP Voice Over IP
VPN Virtual Private Network
WCAM Web Cameras
WDEV Web Development
WKST Workstations
WLPH Wireless Phone
WNET Wireless Networks
WSEC Wireless Security
XPLF Cross-Platform Issues


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