Sonata  Workstations


NOTICE: Effective January 1, 2003

We no longer maintain routine posting of current Sonata workstations configurations & prices. Clients will receive that by request, via email or our virtual conference room.

As always, we do not provide systems for the general public. You must be an active consulting client in good standings in order to qualify for purchasing custom-built systems from us.

See memo for details.

Operating Systems (available for our Sonata Workstations):

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 (exercising downgrade license)

  • Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition (exercising downgrade license)

  • Linux and FreeBSD. See Bravo Open-Source Solutions (BOSS) page for details on what distributions we support.

See also:

Basic System Configurations: An executive summary: General recommendations on optimally configuring a business workstation and avoiding wastes and needless complications, with tips and facts, and strategies.

LCD vs. CRT Comparisons: A sensible and non-biased look at the pros and cons of both options. Contrary to popular believes, one is not superior to another.

Memo on System Purchases: A list of frequently asked questions, to clarify the common issues regarding system purchases, including why you should get the systems through us, and what the other options are. Your qualification requirements are listed as well.

System Levels chart (or pdf version): A definitive look at how to configure systems, and what the requirements are for all common tasks. A must read for those managing a fleet of aging workstations.

Electricity Costs analysis: Comprehensive analysis and quick at-a-glance answers for decision making.

In-Shop Services: Shows a detailed IT department checklist of new system deployment, contrasting Bravo Sonata workstations with your own.

Rates & Fees schedule: For terms and conditions regarding reimbursable pre-sale consultation on systems, and other billing related concepts and details.

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