Remote Support

Bravo Remote Access Gateway

Remote technical support is a crucial piece of the Out-Sourced IT Department puzzle. Many people think of it as a compromise to on-site visits, not realizing it is actually superior in many respects.    (See Why)

For remote tech support to work properly and effective, a lot of pre-planning, specific techniques and experience are required. For seven (9) years, we have been perfecting our exclusive and extensive Branch Office Deployment and Management solutions.

Remote support makes possible the best of both worlds: The service and attentiveness of an in-house IT department, with the cost effectiveness of on-demand out-sourced services. The bulk of expenses for the support infrastructure and apparatus are borne by the outside provider. This includes a lab, test networks, servers & workstations, office space and other standard business logistical support.


  • immediate response, or earlier appointment availability than on-site
  • no traveling fee
  • no minimum billing
  • better access to lab, reference, controlled environment
  • allows us to use familiar equipment in our environment, more efficient
  • can suspend billing when waiting for your vendor support to return calls
  • possibly lower rate
  • more efficient walk-thru than just verbal instructions


  • Short consulting sessions On-Demand, as needed
  • Assess situations to determine best approach
  • Remote network and server monitoring
  • Remote Server administration
  • Software Upgrades


  • Windows XP Professional Remote Desktop, pcAnywhere or UltraVNC
  • Internet Connection (dial-up, satellite, cable or DSL supported)
  • TCP/IP configuration and optimization
  • External IP address (static or dynamic)
  • Dynamic DNS Update Agent and Account (optional)
  • Gateway support of NAT and PAT (crucial)
  • Reserved DHCP Address, or statically assigned
  • Gateway and Firewall configuration
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