Common Questions


Your site now prominently displays three (3) flags. Why?
  Those are the flags for United States of America, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. The reason: To reflect the increasingly global nature of our operations. Advances in technologies enable us to transcend geographic boundaries. We rely heavily on such technologies in-house for our day-to-day operations: Collaboration, conferencing, VoIP, digital telephony, media streaming, VPN, secure access, synchronization, remote support & monitoring, branch offices management, etc. 
Are your telephone sessions billable?
  Yes. All sessions are billable, regardless of the mode of delivery. The only exceptions are business administrative inquiries, such as billing, etc. Most basic questions submitted via email not requiring time-critical responses, may be answered on a resource-available basis free of charge, if it requires less than 10 min of time and the ratio of free vs. billable is less than 5% on a monthly cumulative basis. See also: Rates and Fees


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